Caribbean Sea Tour

Caribbean Sea Tour

Min 2 persons    1.5 hours    $55 pp



The Caribbean Sea in front of Playa is our home. We know it like no other. Well, maybe the fishermen…


But we still rock it! The Caribbean Sea with its blue waters and nice breeze… we can’t get enough of it. As much as we love the beach, we always think those people back on the beach look a bit sad since on the water is where you really want to be!



The sea in front of Fusion will be our playground on this fun trip on the water. A lot depends on the weather conditions of course, but normally we like to go out pretty far to really feel part of the sea (but it’s ok if you prefer to stay closer to the beach).

We include a basic instruction for those who never done paddleboarding before, and then we’ll go and cruise on our beloved Caribbean Sea. Of course you go with our guide, and on this tour we include photos!




This private tour at sea is a great way to have fun on a paddleboard and enjoy the Caribbean Sea! This is for all levels and all ages.


Equipment  Photos Guide Coconut



When the sea is calm we like to go to the buoys in front of Mamitas and enjoy the view there.

If you like we can bring snorkels to see what’s under water, do some yoga poses on te board or just find a nice spot and lie on the water under the sun. It’s amazing! You will be feeling amazing when we get back to Fusion,w here we will treat you to a nice fresh coconut.


Caribbean Sea Tour