Lagoon and Cenote tour

Lagoon & Cenote Tour

Min 2 persons    8 hours    $150 pp




Both lagoon Kaan Luum and Casa Cenote are amazing spots to go paddleboarding unique to the region.



Kaan Luum is a large, round and shallow (on the edges) lagoon with a deep crater in the center. Ideal for standup paddle, even if it’s your first time.

The name Kaan Luum in Maya means ‘yellow earth’ and you wil understand why once you get there. The soil of the lagoon is a big layer of limestone residu which feels really weird if you step on it. This beautiful lagoon is surrounded by lush jungle and is unlike anything else you can find here in the Riviera Maya.



 Kaan Luum is located a 60 minute drive from Playa del Carmen, right passed Tulum, and is a great spot for this standup paddle adventure. The road to Kaan Luum is good and safe, no worries.

We will spend time paddleboarding and also give you some time to just relax and take in the beautiful scenery.



This is a beautiful and popular cenote and great for swimming and snorkeling. Standing up on a paddleboard will give you a unique view of the crystal clear waters below you.

The cenote has a connection with the sea, which makes the water brackish and a great home to all kinds of fish and birds. Standing on our boards, we can literally see fish swimming on the bottom and frequently we can see scuba divers pass by as well.



Cenote Manati is located 20 minutes driving in the direction of Playa del Carmen and it is a great spot for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and freediving. The calm and clear water also make it the perfect spot for people who paddle for the first time.

This is a nice and relaxed activity that we can do under all weather conditions. The area we go to is well traveled and very safe.





This private lagoon and cenote tour combines two very different and unique places. The lagoon is wide enough to enjoy a good paddle, while the cenote is smaller and makes an amazing paddle and snorkel experience.

All entrances fees are included.


Transportation  Photos Water & snacks Tacos The Doors



Pick up at the pick up location either at Fusion or your hotel/ resort.


Paddle and snorkel in the beautiful lagoon Kaan Luum (equipment and guide included).


Enjoy some time relaxing and maybe having some snacks and water while we handle the equipment.


Drive back to Tulum for tacos and when we can schedule it in, a really special mojito.


Drive to Casa Cenote 20 minutes from Tulum on the way back to Playa.


Paddleboarding on the incredible waters of Casa Cenote.


While we handle the equipment you can swim a bit more in the cenote or check out the beach in front of it.


Time to head back to Playa del Carmen after an amazing day.


Back in Playa



This is an adventure unlike any other in the Riviera Maya. You will have a personal and very special experience with one of our instructors all to yourself, visiting some of the most amazing places in the area!



“What a great experience with Aloha. We went to a lagoon and try some yoga position on the board. It was such a pleasant day with a great teacher.
We went to casa cenote to finish our great day on the paddleboard.
I really recommend it and would like to be there again.”

Paula K – Tripadvisor

Lagoon & Cenote Tour