Sunrise Session

Sunrise Session

1 person or more    1.5 hours    $45 pp



One of the most amazing things to do in Playa del Carmen, according to many of our guests who joined us for our sunrise session! We take our boards to the Caribbean Sea, the sunrise will do the rest!


When we started our club in 2015 we had no idea we would create something that practically everybody in Playa del carmen knows about, or even has done at least once. We were hooked after the first time we went paddleboarding at sunrise, and we still can’t get enough of it.

Each time is different, each morning the sun paints a different picture for us in the sky. Even when it’s cloudy it is always amazing to be outside on the sea while everybody is still sleeping, and we enjoy the peace and quiet of just being out there. Early morning is the best moment to see dolphins or turtles, watch the birds wake up and the fisherman throw out their nets.



 Of course we can’t guarantee what type of sunrise we are getting, but whatever it is you will absolutely love it.

We gather at Fusion before sunrise, members, locals and anyone who wants to join. We give a basic instruction to those who need it and then paddle out with the group and our guide. First timers we will give some extra attention, and we will make sure that you are safe at all times.




This is a mixed group tour and not a private tour. It includes a basic instruction but if you feel you need some extra attention, try scheduling a private class first.


6:50 or 6:20 (depending on season)

Meet at Fusion and intro to SUP.

7:00/ 6:30

Go out on the sea in a mixed group under the guidance of one of our instructors.

8:30/ 8:00

Return to Fusion and time for a shower, a chat or breakfast.

We always try to take our GoPro to make photos of our morning groups and share them with you, but please note that this is not always the case. If you want to be sure that you have photos, please bring a camera. The instructor will be more than happy to make a few shots of you.


Sunrise Session