Unforgettable SUP Yoga experiences and paddleboard tours in Playa del Carmen and Tulum


We are fascinated by all sports and activities that require a certain kind of balance. Standup paddleboarding is the perfect option for us, since you use all your muscles when you paddle as well as keeping your balance.

Many of us are also enthusiastic Yoga practitioners since it is such a great addition to stand up paddle boarding. Combining the two seems like a match made in heaven. There is something magical about doing Yoga on a floating device on the water, like our boards. It forces you to focus more and be even more aware of yourself, since any in-balance will end with a splash in the water. Which is part of the fun of course…

We have created some incredible SUP Yoga experiences together with the amazing people at SUP Yoga Riviera Maya that we believe will be the highlight of your visit to the Riviera Maya, even if you have little to no experience in either activity. We integrate our surroundings in our SUP Yoga classes to offer you a setting that most people can only dream about. But here at Aloha we make dreams come true…


Combine the magic of the Caribbean Sea at sunrise with the ‘here and now’ of a yoga class. This is a unique experience for yogis and wanna be yogis of all levels. It includes equipment, photos and a 90 minute class by one of our certified yoga teachers and it promises to be an unforgettable yoga experience at sea. Please check this option for more info about joining our regular classes in a mixed group.


Let us take you to a very special place, to offer you a unique experience, one that will be in your memories forever. Our SUP Yoga class in this beautiful fresh water cenote in the middle of the jungle we do early morning to have the whole cenote to ourselves. It includes transportation, teacher, equipment and entrance fees. Please check this option to check also our regular classes in a mixed group.


This lagoon is located 60 minutes driving from Playa del Carmen, just behind Tulum. It is the perfect spot for a SUP Yoga and stand up paddle experience, since it is relatively shallow and a beautiful, almost surreal setting to a yoga class. It includes transportation, equipment, teacher, paddle boarding and a 90 minute class. Please check this option to see if there are also regular classes in a mixed group available.


With all these options we can imagine it’s a bit hard to make the right choice. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll get back to you the minute we’re out of the water!


We’d love to hear from you…

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