Aloha Mentioned As Bucket List Favorite On (Plus Benefits Of SUP)

In a recently updated article on entitled “40 great places to take your kids before they’re grown,” author Katie Jackson took care to mention Aloha Paddle Club as one of the must-do activities in the Riviera Maya.

We can definitely agree!

Not only is standup paddleboarding a lot of fun, everything about it is good for your body, mind and wellbeing.

Check out these awesome benefits of standup paddling:

  • You get stronger.

It’s a full-body workout . You’re using almost every muscle in your body. Legs, core, shoulders, and of course arms are all involved while keeping yourself stable and moving yourself forward in the water. You’re getting stronger while you’re out there.

  • You get leaner.

It’s also cardio. In fact, just paddling at regular touring speed burns about the same number of calories per hour as running. That’s strange, it doesn’t feel like as much effort as running…

  • You get calmer.

The rhythm of your strokes, the gliding sensation of pushing your paddleboard across the water surface, the water itself, all relax you and calm your inner state.  The benefits of this are well-documented, but if you need a reminder: Relaxed inner state = lower blood pressure, decreased cortisol (stress hormone) increased sense of wellbeing, and (if practiced regularly) decreased aging effects (which are partly caused by stress).


In light of these facts, it makes sense that Laird Hamilton, legendary surfer and innovative creator of modern standup paddleboarding, included it in his “ten-point plan to live forever.”

In his recent interview with the LA Times, he mentioned the importance of back health, as he’s had issues with his back in the past. He claimed that the activity of standup paddleboarding, flexing his back and stabilizer muscles, cured his back trouble.

No wonder we merited a mention in an article about great things to do in great places to go! (And yes, you’re more than welcome to bring your kids.) We have the best location on the beach here in Playa del Carmen, and some of the most fun instructors too. Come down and visit us any time!