Fun Times With Rebecca From The Playa Times

We love to meet new people, and we love to be promoted. So when Rebecca from The Playa Times contacted us and asked us if she could write an article on Aloha Paddle Club, of course we said yes!

We met on a beautiful day, with a nice calm sea and a cloudless sky. Perfect conditions for first-timer Rebecca. It’s funny to see how many people are a bit nervous and anxious about paddle boarding. Almost everybody is convinced from the fact that they have zero balance (hear that before) and probably will end up spending more time on the water than on the board.

Most of the times, we prove them wrong!

Our instruction doesn’t take more than 5 – 10 minutes, and that’s enough to get even the most balance-challenged person standing up in a matter of minutes.

High fives and smiles is what we do it for! #supplaya #goodvibes photo: @lunavandoorne

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Read about Rebecca here experience with Aloha and paddleboarding in Playa del Carmen here (click link). If you want to find out for yourself how easy SUP is, and how amazing Playa del carmen is for stand up paddle boarding, please send us a message.

Check also our drone video of us paddle boarding on the Caribbean Sea, it’s really awesome!