Water Rescue Staff Training [VIDEO]

We believe in safety first at Aloha. Everyone here is an experienced paddler and we have been going out on the sea for almost two years now. Still, it can never hurt to practice and learn more when it comes to safety on the water. The water rescue training we all did in November 2016 was very interesting and we learned some pretty cool tricks and insights.

We handled subjects like paddle techniques, knots, CPR, dragging a board and the most fun was definitely the water rescue SUP board slip.


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What to do when you’re 800 meters off the coast and your partner or client drops like a brick in the water? If you find someone unconscious in the water, fortunately there is a way to get him on your paddle board with a little bit of effort and wit. Even when the victim in question is a bit more heavy than you are, with the board flip you will be able to get him on your board safely, after which you can either start CPR, or paddle him to shore and get professional help.

It has been very entertaining to watch Deltha rescue our friend Carlos, it took her a few attempts but when she got it she found it was pretty easy.  Of course you never hope to find yourself in this situation, but it’s good to know that we are prepared for anything!