What Is It About Moms And Paddleboarding??

Well, for some reason we have been getting more and more moms stand up paddle boarding. We don’t know what it is either. Maybe it is because it is just awesome to take your kid paddle boarding and spending time with him or her while exercising at the same time. Or maybe it is because, more than anyone else, a mommy really needs her time away for a bit. Whatever the reason is, just like anyone else mommies are super welcome with Aloha Paddle Club! To join us on one of our tours, to rent a board (because we also do rentals) or just to come relax at the beautiful beach club of Inti Beach.


Like mother like daughter #supplaya #supmom

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The good people of playadelcarmen.com wrote a blog about it, and we think it is very informative and it gives a good insight in the world of a mommy SUP addict. Check out the article here and remember, just because you’re not a mommy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come paddleboarding with us!