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Aloha Paddle Club Terms & Conditions

Updated: November 2022

  1. The one time membership fee gives you access to our group on Facebook and our WhatsApp group (for reservations). 
  2. You will be granted access to all Aloha activities for a special membership price. 
  3. The special membership prices are for the mixed groups and for rentals during the day. If you come by yourself outside the mixed groups, please make sure that you know what you’re doing regarding your own safety, the safety of others and of our equipment.
  4. Stand Up Paddle is an outdoor activity. We will in no way be held responsible for any damage, injuries or discomforts that are the result of our activities. We are also not responsible for any damage to or loss of your belongings at Fusion.
  5. Please follow instructions of the instructor or assistant at all times. The instructor is always in charge of the group.
  6. All payments in advance please. We handle a 12 hour cancellation policy. If you bring 4 persons or more 24 hours please for group cancellations. Any cancellations after that, or no shows, will be charged no matter what the reason is
  7. As a member you can bring friends for a reduced price. You have to join them yourself otherwise this price is not valid and they pay standard price. We will give your invites an instruction, but you will be expected to help the instructor with them!  
  8. You will be responsible for your invite’s payment
  9. Reservations only through our WhatsApp group (recommended) or Facebook message please. Any oral reservations or agreements are not accepted. All reservations are subject to change and mistakes from our side. 
  10. Your membership does not guarantee a minimum amount of times you can join the morning groups, especially the one at sunrise. Your bookings will depend on the availability. First come first served! 
  11. We need to be compensated for any damage to or loss of fins, paddles, leashes, boards, snorkels, etc. if it happens because of improper use of the equipment. Please be aware that we deem you responsible for your invite’s compensation in case of loss or damage.
  12. We can revoke membership at all times if we think your actions and behavior do not fit into the Aloha philosophy. 
  13. If we deem you unable to join the session (intoxicated, physically unable, etc.) we will deny your participation and there will be no refund. See also point 12.
  14. As a member we expect you to cooperate making everything run smoothly, and we expect our members to help the guide with the equipment. We kindly urge you to help us run our operations with as little disturbance to Fusion’s set up as possible, and help the guides with storing and cleaning the equipment, etc. 
  15. Please handle our equipment with the greatest care. Always rinse off whatever you use with water afterwards and put boards leashes, paddles and masks back on their place.
  16. We won’t go out with: lightning, rain storms, strong currents or winds, big waves.We don’t give refunds. If we decide to cancel on the spot, you will be rescheduled. There will be no compensation for time lost. We will be fair and honest if we agree the conditions are too much for you. 
  17. Photos are an extra service and not standard included for members & invites. We will try to post photos of newcomers and invites as much as possible. 
  18. We hold the right to at any time change prices for our services, or run Aloha in a different set up. 

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