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Everything you do is at your own risk

Neither Aloha Paddle Club nor Fusion Beach Bar Cuisine can be held liable for any damage, loss of belongings, injuries, or fatalities incurred during activities or visits.

No shows always need to be paid by you

Late cancellations and no shows will need to be compensated, independent the reason. You are responsible for your invites payments in case of no shows!

Loss or damage of equipment

Members and their guests are responsible for any loss or damage to our equipment or property during their use, and compensation will be required accordingly.

Everyone deserves your respect, just like you deserve everyone's

We uphold a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination and prioritize respect for individuals of all backgrounds, beliefs, and identities.


Updated: March 2024

  1. The one time membership fee gives you access to our group on Facebook and our WhatsApp group (for reservations). 
  2. You will be granted access to all Aloha activities for a special membership price, including our daily paddleboard groups, surfing lessons, training sessions and use of equipment during the day.
  3. Neither Aloha Paddle Club nor Fusion Beach Bar Cuisine can be held liable for any damage, loss of belongings, injuries, or fatalities incurred during activities or visits.
  4. Please follow instructions of the instructor, assistant or any other staff members at all times. 
  5. We handle a 12 hour cancellation policy for the sunrise or morning group and 6 hours for the sunset group. If you bring 6 persons or more 24 hours please in case you want to cancel the whole group. Any cancellations after that, or no shows, will be charged no matter what the reason is. We will charge the standard price for members for the specific group, or a minimum of MXN $250 for invites.
  6. As a member you can bring friends for a reduced price. You need to reserve for them AND have to join them yourself otherwise this price is not valid and they pay standard price.
  7. You will be responsible for your invite’s payment!
  8. Reservations only through our WhatsApp group (recommended), business WhatsApp or Facebook/ Instagram message please. Any oral reservations or agreements are not valid, neither are reservations made using personal numbers of any of our staff members. 
  9. In the rare case of an overbooking, we hold the right to have you as a member to give up your place for a non-member in exchange for a free session credit.
  10. We need to be compensated for any damage to or loss of fins, paddles, leashes, boards, snorkels, etc. if it happens because of improper use of the equipment. Please be aware that we deem you responsible for your invite’s compensation in case of loss or damage.
  11. We can revoke membership at all times if we think your actions and behavior do not fit into our philosophy of mutual respect. 
  12. If we deem you or your invites unable to join the session (intoxicated, physically unable, etc.) we will deny your participation and there will be no refund, or we still need to be compensated. See also point 11.
  13. As a valued club member, we encourage your active participation in our operations by assisting guides with equipment and aiding fellow clients if needed. We kindly request your cooperation in minimizing disruptions to Fusion’s setup and assisting guides with equipment storage, cleaning, and organization, as well as managing your personal belongings.
  14. Please handle our equipment with the greatest care. Always help rinse off whatever you used with water afterwards and put boards leashes, paddles and masks back on their place.
  15. We won’t go out with: lightning, rain storms, strong currents or winds, big waves or any conditions that we deem unsafe. If we decide to cancel on the spot, you will be rescheduled. In case you paid in advance, this will be added to your credit. In case of invites who can’t reschedule, we will refund them. There will be no compensation for time lost. We always try to cancel the day before if we see that the predictions are not good.
  16. Photos are an extra service and not standard included for members & their invites. We will always try to, and almost always do, take photos of first timers and invites as much as possible. 
  17. We reserve the right to modify prices for our services or alter the operational structure of our club at any given time. All terms outlined herein are subject to potential modifications and errors on our part.

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