Organic, Reef Safe Sunscreen Now In Playa Del Carmen

Guys, we did it! Aloha Paddle Club found an environmentally friendly plant based unscreen, that is organic and does not negatively impact our oceans.  The best part? This epic sunscreen is available at an awesome low price here at Aloha Paddle Club and Fusion Beach Bar.

Raw Love reef-safe sunscreen, is locally made on the island of Maui by divemaster and avid beach goer, Jenna Davis. This Hawaiian native was concerned by the epidemic that is coral bleaching and used her chemistry and marine biology background to come up with an environmentally friendly 35 SPF sunscreen.  We tried it, we love it, we DIG it!

  Why We Love It:

  • It’s Plastic Free. It is 2018, and there is no reason why we need to be adding plastic waste into our planet.
  • It’s Reef Safe. Nothing about this sunscreen is damaging to the environment.
  • Plant-based organic ingredients  (Yes, please!) Check out the full list of ingredients, here.
  • Beeswax. With this thick emollient as one of it’s main ingredients, this sunscreen is super sweat proof and water resistant. Unlike runny chemical sunscreens which melt at the first sign of heat/sweat, beeswax stays put and acts as a barrier between water and your skin. We need that in our tropical haven here in Playa Del Carmen, where water sports such as SUP and hot sunny days go hand in hand.
  • Raw Love is a locally owned company. Aloha Paddle Club believes in supporting  locally  &  independently owned businesses. By doing so, we  build meaningful communities  and  contribute to local causes, like environmental and ocean awareness.
  • Raw Love is good for all ages and those with sensitive skin. We tried it, we love it, our baby loves it.
  • It has a 2 year shelf life. ( We hope you get out in the sun enough, that it doesn’t last that long!)



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That about sums it up our fellow ocean activist! So let’s show the planet some TLC and put an end to the destruction of our incredible ocean ecosystems.  It starts with one person…you! Share the love for mother earth, and purchase your own stock of Raw Love reef-safe sunscreen at Aloha Paddle Club and Fusion Beach Bar, today.